Cover Art ...

And, just saying, the cover art is my own too.  I tossed my PSG shirts on the bed and messed with them a few minutes before taking the pic.

Les Champs-Elysees

Love and football ... and a murder ... and Paris.  My first novella coming soon.

Taking requests ...

Since I'm winding down my series of novels that has gone on WAY too long, I'm looking to go in a different direction. I'm looking for plot and character suggestions for a new novel, maybe to be expanded into a series. I'd rather not do spy stories or sci-fi but I'll consider anything. Proper credit will be given to those whose ideas I use. Message me at my RH Wood Facebook page with your suggestions.

Holding Out For Heaven

A 22nd Century New York City police detective and a popular journalist stumble across a coverup at the highest levels of the young, fragile government and their pursuit of justice leads them places they never thought existed. Their lives and jobs on the line, they try to stay one step ahead of those who would do anything to keep them from learning the truth. They never believed the danger was much closer than either of them could imagine.

It's available now at